How to Reach JavaScript Class from HTML File?

For example, there is a shopping-page where everything works fine until adding a search function. Read also about Double Arraylist Java In the example the JavaScript file is built with classes such as: Products{getProducts}, UI{displayProducts}, Storage{saveProducts} DOMContentLoaded The correct order is get the products (from a JSON-file), store the products in local-storage and get them […]

Best Way to Search for Repeated Values in a Multidimensional Array in JavaScript

What is the best approach to solve the following problem in JavaScript? Read also about Double Arraylist Java There is a multidimensional array ‘Teams’ with multiple arrays that have a TeamName (string), WinRecord (number), LossRecord (number), and a Sort_Key (number) in this format: [TeamName, W, L, sort_key] The data looks like this: The previous data […]