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eCommerce Platform Battle: Ecwid vs Shopify

Another battle between eCommerce platforms Ecwid vs Shopify. During the pandemic lot’s of companies mainly small and local ones realized that having an online shop is essential just to survive.

There is an eCommerce boom. Business owners hurry to develop eCommerce stores and usually when they are in a hurry and less budget hiring a developer is a huge investment so for them, it is cost-effective and efficient to use user-friendly eCommerce platform when no developer is required.

Comparing Shopify and Ecwid isn’t that reasonable taking into account that Shopify is a big company and they offer many solutions just to help business owners to achieve the highest sales even for very small businesses.

Shopify is expensive compared to Ecwid but….

There is always a but.

Ecwid is an easy solution for companies that don’t have much budget but it costs the same price with Shopify if you decide to use additional plugins like to help customers to leave a review or if you want to have on the website all product variations available you will need the business plan from Ecwid platform which costs 35$/month. Shopify offers all those features in their 29$/ month package already.

Ecwid is great with localisation, so for example if your store is in Armenian language or any other language, it already has the translation (it is really good) it makes so easy in that point of view. Shopify doesn’t have (things that are translated are terrible).


  • About Ecwid
    • Ecwid is cheap and easy
    • Ecwid templates are free
    • Ecwid is perfect for local shops that need to use the local language (french, Armenian, Russian etc.)
    • Ecwid is easy to install
    • Ecwid doesn’t have build-in review system you will need a plugin which is paid
    • Ecwid has marketing automation system which works perfectly

  • About Shopify
    • Shopify is a bit expensive
    • Shopify has some templates that are free, but they are a few and might not work well for local markets outside the US, works perfectly for US people (design-wise)
    • Shopify doesn’t have already made translations for the multilingual store you might need a paid plugin
    • Shopify is easy to set up and has a huge range of template variations to buy
    • Shopify has great support
    • Shopify does have email automation but it is paid.

There is no need to compare the market share of Ecwid and Shopify eCommerce platforms as we all know, Shopify wins.

The screenshot is taken from SimilarTech website