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eCommerce Platform Battle: Ecwid vs WooCommerce

When you want to compare two different eCommerce platforms to understand which one is best for your company the best approach is to make the list of the main important things that will help you to decide what eCommerce platform to choose: Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • size of your company, for example, how many products do you have to sell, is the number growing monthly, yearly etc.
  • how much are you ready to invest in the online shop, is it enough to hire a developer and a designer?
  • what is the plan? Do you want to become an enterprise or this is just a start-up and you need the website for a few years and then only you see a future to become an enterprise business? Think realistically!

[case #1] You have a small company where you sell 100 or fewer products. It is a retail business and has less investment budget. No budget to hire a designer or a developer.

The answer is: Type of the eCommerce platform that you need is the most simple one where minimum development input required. Between Ecwid and WooCommerce eCommerce platforms the best option for you is Ecwid.

[case #2] You have a small company where you sell 100 or more products and the number of products will increase and the old ones will finish in a year or so and you have a minimum budget to invest on your online shop which might require developer.

The answer is: Type of the eCommerce platform that you need is the one that can offer a variety of filters and functions, simple CMS like Ecwid might not help you here, but could help to depend on the situation. In this case, you might consider using WooCommerce but you will definitely need a developer, maybe not an advanced one, a freelancer could handle it. You won’t need a designer here as your developer will help you to choose the designed from the vast variety of templates that WooCoomerce offers.

Ecwid vs WooCommerce


Ecwid has monthly fixed price whereas WooCommerce is actually free but to you must have some development skills to start with WooCommerce if you don’t have you will need to hire a developer which will cost you more. Also, the majority of good templates for WooCommerce are paid. Templates and apps in Ecwid are free, extra features are included in the advanced package.

Comparing to yearly bases WooCommerce is cheaper than Ecwid as you just pay ones for WooCommerce and afterwards, there is a maintaining problem which you could solve of yourself. Ecwid has a free plan but the paid one you will need to pay monthly or yearly and do all the job yourself as it is super easy, also, they have 24 hours support who will handle any issue that you might get, they even fix it for you.

Easy, no developer requiredDeveloper required
FastTakes longer
Super good for small to medium businesses.Has opportunities to become advanced

Ecwid vs WooCommerce Market Share

WooCoommers is the winner here. The number of websites that use Ecwid eCommerce platform is growing but not as much as WooCommerce. See yourself.

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