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Magento Market Share

Magento is a platform for eCommerce which allows users to create and manage their own business websites optimized for different types of devices. Magento has both an open-source and a commercial license option. It uses MVC pattern and XML configuration which provides flexibility and extensibility.

Magento Market Share

Magento Market Share

The leading categories of websites using Magento are the followings:

  • Shopping
  • Business and industry
  • Clothing
  • Home and Garden
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Sports
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Jewelry, Health
  • Products and Shopping

Different websites that use Magento have different traffic shares.

  • 272,957 websites using Magento have 10K of monthly traffic
  • 25,957 websites have 10K-100K monthly traffic
  • 3819 websites have 100K-1M monthly traffic
  • 13 websites have monthly traffic of 100M plus.

The top ten clients of Magento along with their monthly traffic are:

  1. has a traffic rank of 982 and monthly visit of 431.1M
  2. has a traffic rank of 1,666 and monthly visit of 33.7M
  3. has a traffic rank of 1,421and monthly visit of 26.2M
  4. has a traffic rank of 2,109 and monthly visit of 24.9M  
  5. has a traffic rank of 2,570 and monthly visit of 22.6M
  6. has a traffic rank of 3,194 and monthly visit of 20.3M
  7. has a traffic rank of 4,509 and monthly visit of 18.2M
  8. has a traffic rank of 8,533 and monthly visit of 17.2M
  9. has a traffic rank of 4,643 and monthly visit of 17.2M
  10. has a traffic rank of 5,471 and monthly visit of 15.4M

Magento market share is wide in the US and European countries and dominates the eCommerce market with a share of about 26%. This high market share is due to the fact that Magento is open source with its code and also has new features and functions to power up the eCommerce websites.

Due to its open source solution, a large community of developer’s work on it on a daily basis to ensure that the eCommerce platform is up to date, secure and fast. Magento is primarily built for eCommerce and provides features and specialties ideal for developing a robust shopping website. Magento is suitable for both MNC’s and also small eCommerce companies. In terms of performance, Magento is fast with quick page loads, query processing time and comes up top with other parameters as well.

Magento specialists are flexible and can create appealing and unique experiences for different types of access devices. These specialists make it possible to add workflows in the back-end and for different business purposes. Magento is a core eCommerce solution with many options to control and tweak its performance. The platform allows users to create multiple online stores to control all the billing tasks, customer records, etc. Magento performs quick and easy integrations by offering third party services like payment gateways, database applications, shipping, shipment tracking, etc.

Magento offers search engine friendly URLs, rewrite URLs, navigation layers, and supports mobile eCommerce by incorporating HTML5. All these ultimately ensure a superior mobile shopping experience. Magento also has drag and drop features with an easy to manage GUI.

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