WooCommerce for ecommerce

Launched in late September 2011. WooCommerce is the leader in ecommerce platform market share worldwide.

WooCommerce is free of cost, same as WordPress, but there are templates and extensions which usually will be needed and those need to be purchased, of course there are free templates and extensions too. It depends what is the client’s need.

WooCommerce is user friendly CMS which is easy to set up and make an online shop, but not everything is as simple as visible from the 1st sight. Compared to Magento, WooCommerce creates conflicts and many issues which need continuous developer support.

In the following table there is the list of website categories where WooCommerce is being used.

As it can bee seen from the below screenshot majority of websites have up to 10K monthly traffic and only 24K websites which use WooCommerce have 10K-100K monthly traffic. This shows that WooCommerce is perfect CMS for small business which don’t have plans to enlarge.


Correlated web technologies for WooCommerce are in the following screenshot.


Check top 20 websites using WooCommerce ecommerce platform in the following table




  1. The e-commerce industry is growing so immensely that platforms are gaining a huge importance day by day. Each and every possible market is dependent on such online platforms to attract ones’ targeted audience. Thanks for providing great insights on the CMS industry.

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