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JavaScript Frameworks Market Share: Usage Statistics

If you are reading this article then you know what is a JavaScript (JS) framework. JavaScript (or JS) is at the heart of web development.

Before front-end developers where choosing JavaScript frameworks based on the reviews, today, in the data-driven world choosing an app, or any technology tack becomes much easier as there is a data that shows which is the top JavaScript (or JS) framework this the most used one, it shows the usage statistics, comparisons of features, prices etc. This kind of data helps to make the decision faster without researching for months.

We will list the top 5 JavaScript (or JS) frameworks and their market share. JavaScript frameworks that dominate the market are as follows:

Based on the usage statistics data of JavaScript frameworks the most used JS framework is React JS by 40% and Backbone JS by 33%.

Another data that could help to choose the right JavaScript framework is the actual websites that use react, angular, or any other js framework.

Top 10 Websites Using React JavaScript Framework
Websites Monthly Traffic 615.5M 558.3M 532.7M 473.3M 458.9M 412.8M 407.5M 372.6M 349.9M

Top 10 Websites Using Backbone JavaScript Framework
Websites Monthly Traffic 1.3B 441.6M 349.7M 294.6M 156.6M 261.9M 171.6M 170.6M 159.7M 148.9M

Top 10 Websites Using Angular JavaScript Framework
Websites Monthly Traffic 74.1B 29.5B 5B 1.8B 1.7B 663.9M 568.2M 531.2M 446.1M 391.5M

Top 10 Websites Using Vue JavaScript Framework
Websites Monthly Traffic 2.8B 303.8M 281.5M 243.7M 143.7M 131.2M 107.3M 97.5M 93.2M 87M

Top 10 Websites Using Ember JavaScript Framework
Websites Monthly Traffic 44.3M 29.4M 23.4M 17.1M 12.9M 10.9M 10.1M 8.3M 6.9M 6M