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Top Payment Technologies 2017


Analysis cover top payment technologies used for eCommerce stores in 2017.


The total number of websites using each of the top payment technologies are:

A payment gateway is a technology which securely helps in processing credit card payments. The four leading eCommerce technologies used in conjunction with payment gateways are:

  1. Magento
  2. Wocommerce
  3. Shopify
  4. Prestashop

Payment Gateways for Magento

PayPal: For Magento based e-commerce platforms, Paypal is what is mostly preferred. PayPal involves 24 hours monitoring along with fraud protection and this is one of the reasons it has more than 165 million users. PayPal option is available with refund on returns option.

Braintree: Among Magento merchants, Braintree is also a popular payment gateway. The scalability of Braintree works well for small businesses. Braintree provides fraud protection, accepts various payment options, Seamless one-click checkout, supports payments with PayPal, Apple pay and Android Pay.

Stripe: Stripe is the most offbeat payment gateway designed for developers. Stripe accepts payments through AliPay; customers buy products from Twitter, Shop style, etc. It offers coupons along with multiple billing schedules of weekly, monthly and yearly.

Skrill: Skrill is a simple and pretty basic payment gateway. For small businesses or startups Skrill is the best option. There are more than 120,000 Skrill users and it carries 100 payment options and 41 currencies. This is a very secure payment gateway.


Payment Gateways for Wocommerce

Stripe: The Stripe for Woo Commerce allows users to make payments directly. Stripe accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. It has no monthly fees, no set up fees and no hidden costs. It includes Apple Pay with which customers can make payments using Apple ID.

Klarna: Klarna for Woo Commerce handles checkout by offering to pay later or part payments. The Klarna extension makes it easy to handle orders. Orders can be activated, updated, refunded and canceled directly from Woo Commerce without login into Klarna. It offers a safe and smooth purchase experience. Klarna requests for information which is non-sensitive and helps in increasing conversion on all devices.

PayPal: PayPal Express Checkout for Woo Commerce helps to skip the WooCommerce checkout procedure and instead use PayPal directly.

Alipay: Alipay payment gateway is mostly used in China. The Alipay Payment Gateway accepts payments from residents and business in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Payment Gateways Shopify

Shopify Payments allows payment gateways to directly utilize Shopify’s user dashboard and makes it easier for the developers. They gateways list depends on the country. Visit the following website and choose your country, there you will see which are available gateways for your country.

Payment Gateways Prestashop

PayPal: PayPal is a global payments platform available in more than 200 markets. It helps in growing businesses online, on mobile and internationally. Local and international debit and credit cards can also be used.

Skrill: Skrill is a secure and convenient way to send and receive money worldwide. Skrill has a quick and free setup with easy integration. It has a high security standard protocol with seamless payment on mobiles, tablets and desktops. It offers additional payment options, customizable gateway, instant settlement, transaction and enhanced reporting refund capability within Prestashop.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay credit card payments are frictionless which eliminates manual card type. Apple Pay is easy to set up and has a simple and secure way to pay with the devices. For PrestaShop, Apple Pay uses Stripe gateway which makes shopping cheap and easy. Apple Pay requires no setup, monthly or hidden fees.