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Retargeting Technologies: Facebook vs Google

A simple search about retargeting gives infinite information about what it is and what it does. The word itself says that it is going to help you to re-target your audience. But when it comes to choosing among the retargeting technologies, that’s where you need a deeper analysis, right? What they offer, what are the benefits of each and why to use multiple retargeting services. Here we are going to analyze Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Remarketing, the king and the queen of the ratargeting! Or may be the queen and the king? Hmm, let’s find out!

The analysis will mainly cover:

  • Retargeting technologies’ market share
  • Website categories using these two technologies
  • The monthly traffic of the top websites using these two technologies
  • Who wins?

Top Retargeting Technologies

Website categories using Facebook Custom Audiences

There are 846,328 websites and 575,950 unique domains using Facebook Custom Audiences. It is free to use. 


Websites monthly traffic



There are 4,116,491 websites and 965,730 unique domains using Google Remarketing. It is free to use.




So, who wins in this battle and gets the crown of the king? Well, it is very relative according their market share. Every business has its goals and each of these services has its cores. If relying on statistics, from the top 10k to 1 million websites over the web are using Facebook Custom Audiences, however, over the entire internet, on the top is Google Remarketing. Tricky, right? Share with us your experiences and download the full list of websites using these two technologies!


Google Remarketing VS Facebook Custom Audiences