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Customer relationship management (CRM): InfusionSoft vs Salesforce

In our previous analysis we presented who are top 3 CRM market share winners, but we didn’t dig dipper to understand what can be gained when using right CRM software.

We realize that you already know what is CRM, well, that’s because you ended up to our blog, but sometimes there is a need to read one more time what it does so it will help to make important decision as of which CRM software will help your organization to solve the issue.

Customer Interaction + Customer Intelligence = Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM cycle


infusionsoft vs salesforce

InfusionSoft customers are small businesses up to 100 employees. Check the table below:


SalesForce customers are small to mid sized businesses and large enterprises. Check the table below:

If you are interested to have the list of websites using Infusionsoft and Salesforce you can download from the below form. As the data in the file is taken from SimilarTech tool, we closed the contact field in order not to provide contact lists of those companies, in case there is an interest in that too, please contact SimilarTech company.

Infusionsoft VS Salseforce